Indian History And Literature

  • Amar Chitra Katha. A great source of information about Indian and her culture and tradition for children and adults. A lot of what I know about India is based on ACK titles I read when I was a child. Unfortunately they offer only a small subset of their original titles at present. We have about 500 titles at home in Pollachi, but some of them are in bad condition due to age and heavy usage, while some of them are missing (not returned by friends who borrowed them). I would have dearly loved to renew the entire collection of comic books.
  • Kerala History
  • Malabar History
  • Sify Itihaas
  • Hindu Scriptures
  • India Resource
  • Books by David Frawley
  • Dravidian as common source of Indo-European languages
  • Kamat's Potpourri
  • Temples of Kerala
  • Shaivite Temples In Tamizh Nadu
  • Vaishnavaite Temples In Tamizh Nadu
  • Sasigupta And The Poisoning Of Alexander
  • Bhakthi Sagaram
  • Loving Ganesha