Source Code

All source code, packages or products distributed herein are distributed under a Apache/BSD style license. In other words, you are free to use the products in any way you wish with no restrictions or requirements. I take no responsibility for any bugs or errors caused by the use of the same packages. Use these packages at your own risk.


  • JavaDoc API specifications for all the libraries I have developed.
  • Servlet Filters. A library of general purpose servlet filters (download). Currently supports compressing responses using deflate, gzip or gzip. Also supports caching dynamically generated pages. This package depends upon the rvio.jar and rvutils.jar packages. View Javadoc API specifications for the filters.
  • Utility Classes. A library of utility classes that I have used in a lot of projects (download). View JavaDoc API specifications.
  • IO Classes. A library of useful classes that deal with IO (download). View Javadoc API specifications.
  • Products. Open-source applications and frameworks I have developed.