Uses of Interface

Packages that use BSONObject
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 
com.mongodb.gridfs GridFS tools. 

Uses of BSONObject in com.mongodb

Subinterfaces of BSONObject in com.mongodb
 interface DBObject
          A key-value map that can be saved to the database.

Classes in com.mongodb that implement BSONObject
 class BasicDBList
 class BasicDBObject
          A simple implementation of DBObject.
 class CommandResult
          A simple wrapper for the result of getLastError() calls, and network (socket) errors.
 class RawDBObject
          This object wraps the binary object format ("BSON") used for the transport of serialized objects to / from the Mongo database.
 class ReflectionDBObject

Methods in com.mongodb that return BSONObject
 BSONObject DBCallback.create()
 BSONObject DBCallback.create(boolean array, List<String> path)

Methods in com.mongodb with parameters of type BSONObject
 void ReflectionDBObject.putAll(BSONObject o)
 void RawDBObject.putAll(BSONObject o)

Constructors in com.mongodb with parameters of type BSONObject
DBRef(DB db, BSONObject o)
MongoException(BSONObject o)

Uses of BSONObject in com.mongodb.gridfs

Classes in com.mongodb.gridfs that implement BSONObject
 class GridFSDBFile
          This class enables to retrieve a GridFS file metadata and content.
 class GridFSFile
 class GridFSInputFile
          Class implementation for writing data to GridFS.

Methods in com.mongodb.gridfs with parameters of type BSONObject
 void GridFSFile.putAll(BSONObject o)

Uses of BSONObject in com.mongodb.util

Methods in com.mongodb.util that return BSONObject
 BSONObject JSONCallback.create()
 BSONObject JSONCallback.create(boolean array, List<String> path)

Uses of BSONObject in org.bson

Classes in org.bson that implement BSONObject
 class BasicBSONObject
          A simple implementation of DBObject.

Methods in org.bson that return BSONObject
 BSONObject BasicBSONCallback.create()
 BSONObject BasicBSONCallback.create(boolean array, List<String> path)
protected  BSONObject BasicBSONCallback.cur()
static BSONObject BSON.decode(byte[] b)
 BSONObject BSONDecoder.readObject(byte[] b)
 BSONObject BSONDecoder.readObject(InputStream in)

Methods in org.bson with parameters of type BSONObject
 byte[] BSONEncoder.encode(BSONObject o)
static byte[] BSON.encode(BSONObject o)
protected  boolean BSONEncoder.handleSpecialObjects(String name, BSONObject o)
 void BSONObject.putAll(BSONObject o)
 void BasicBSONObject.putAll(BSONObject o)
 int BSONEncoder.putObject(BSONObject o)
          Encodes a BSONObject.

Uses of BSONObject in org.bson.types

Classes in org.bson.types that implement BSONObject
 class BasicBSONList
          Utility class to allow array DBObjects to be created.

Methods in org.bson.types that return BSONObject
 BSONObject CodeWScope.getScope()

Methods in org.bson.types with parameters of type BSONObject
 void BasicBSONList.putAll(BSONObject o)

Constructors in org.bson.types with parameters of type BSONObject
CodeWScope(String code, BSONObject scope)