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Packages that use DB
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 
com.mongodb.gridfs GridFS tools. 

Uses of DB in com.mongodb

Subclasses of DB in com.mongodb
 class DBApiLayer
          Database API This cannot be directly instantiated, but the functions are available through instances of Mongo.

Methods in com.mongodb that return DB
static DB Mongo.connect(DBAddress addr)
 DB MongoURI.connectDB()
 DB MongoURI.connectDB(Mongo m)
 DB DBRefBase.getDB()
          Get this ref's database.
 DB DBCollection.getDB()
          Returns the database this collection is a member of.
 DB Mongo.getDB(String dbname)
 DB DB.getSisterDB(String name)

Methods in com.mongodb with parameters of type DB
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m)
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, ServerAddress hostNeeded)
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, ServerAddress hostNeeded, int retries)
 DBCollection MongoURI.connectCollection(DB db)
static DBObject DBRef.fetch(DB db, DBObject ref)
 WriteResult DBConnector.say(DB db, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, WriteConcern concern)
 WriteResult DBConnector.say(DB db, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, WriteConcern concern, ServerAddress hostNeeded)

Constructors in com.mongodb with parameters of type DB
DBCollection(DB base, String name)
          Initializes a new collection.
DBRef(DB db, BSONObject o)
DBRef(DB db, String ns, Object id)
DBRefBase(DB db, String ns, Object id)

Uses of DB in com.mongodb.gridfs

Fields in com.mongodb.gridfs declared as DB
protected  DB GridFS._db

Methods in com.mongodb.gridfs that return DB
 DB GridFS.getDB()

Constructors in com.mongodb.gridfs with parameters of type DB
GridFS(DB db)
          Creates a GridFS instance for the default bucket "fs" in the given database.
GridFS(DB db, String bucket)
          Creates a GridFS instance for the specified bucket in the given database.