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Packages that use CommandResult
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 

Uses of CommandResult in com.mongodb

Methods in com.mongodb that return CommandResult
 CommandResult DB.command(DBObject cmd)
          Execute a database command directly.
 CommandResult DB.command(DBObject cmd, int options)
          Execute a database command directly.
 CommandResult DB.command(String cmd)
 CommandResult DB.doEval(String code, Object... args)
 CommandResult WriteResult.getCachedLastError()
 CommandResult WriteResult.getLastError()
          Calling this will either return the cache result if getLastError has been called, or execute a new getLastError command on the sever.
 CommandResult DB.getLastError()
          Gets the the error (if there is one) from the previous operation.
 CommandResult DB.getLastError(int w, int wtimeout, boolean fsync)
 CommandResult WriteResult.getLastError(WriteConcern concern)
 CommandResult DB.getLastError(WriteConcern concern)
 CommandResult DB.getPreviousError()
          Returns the last error that occurred since start of database or a call to resetError() The return object will look like
 CommandResult DBCollection.getStats()
 CommandResult DB.getStats()