Class DBApiLayer

  extended by com.mongodb.DB
      extended by com.mongodb.DBApiLayer

public class DBApiLayer
extends DB

Database API This cannot be directly instantiated, but the functions are available through instances of Mongo.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
protected DBApiLayer(Mongo mongo, String root, DBConnector connector)
Method Summary
protected  com.mongodb.DBApiLayer.MyCollection doGetCollection(String name)
          Returns the collection represented by the string <dbName>.<collectionName>.
 void requestDone()
 void requestEnsureConnection()
 void requestStart()
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Constructor Detail


protected DBApiLayer(Mongo mongo,
                     String root,
                     DBConnector connector)
Method Detail


public void requestStart()
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requestStart in class DB


public void requestDone()
Specified by:
requestDone in class DB


public void requestEnsureConnection()
Specified by:
requestEnsureConnection in class DB


protected com.mongodb.DBApiLayer.MyCollection doGetCollection(String name)
Description copied from class: DB
Returns the collection represented by the string <dbName>.<collectionName>.

Specified by:
doGetCollection in class DB
the collection