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Welcome to the HP aC++ Online Programmer's Guide. The guide is divided into the following files. String search is available within each file. (Choose Edit, then Find.) Note that each file may contain links to related topics in other files.

For the latest information on the A.03.30 release of the aC++ compiler, please refer to the Release Notes, particularly for the options related to the new ANSI compliant Standard C++ Library.
  • What's New - including release notes for this version of HP aC++
  • Information Map - where to find more information about this guide and about C++
Rogue Wave Library Manuals

The following library is std namespace enabled and includes the standard iostream library. It is not compatible with the older Rogue Wave libraries listed below.

The following two libraries are not std namespace enabled. They are not compatible with the newer Rogue Wave library listed above.

NOTE: If you are accessing this guide from the World Wide Web URL, http://docs.hp.com, rather than from a system on which HP aC++ is installed, Rogue Wave documentation is not available. The above four links and any other such links within this guide will not succeed.